Architectural Drafting

Drafting, in the architectural line of work, is the first and perhaps, the most important part of the design. This is when all the basic concepts and sketches are compiled for the architects. Our talented offshore team is responsible for the collection of all the data available and produce it into a visual draft using the latest industry software.


3D Rendering

We offer 3D Graphic Design and solutions to turn visualizations and renderings into three-dimensional images that factor in realistic lighting, textures and other dimensions. The process of creating a visual and immersive demonstration helps cut downtime and money that would otherwise be spent on restructuring the entire process.

MASTER PLAN-2014-12-26aD

Landscape Designs

Landscape design is an integral part of any architectural project. We provide you with the finest products and services to decorate your residential home lot, backspace or commercial unit with the most innovative designs. Enjoy the benefits of having an aesthetically pleasing and economical environment with the help of our talented design team.


Retail Space Design

SFC Designs extends its services to the perfection of retail spaces beginning from their execution to their interior decoration. Gone are the days where retail facilities followed the same architectural principles. Our dedicated offshore team of architects specialises in retail design and values the ingenuity and uniqueness in design.


3D Architectural Design

Building on the foundation of 3D design and rendering, 3D animations helps with the overall visualization process, especially when set against the building’s real-time surroundings. This helps us fully understand and appreciate the project that is set out for finalization and how it complements and contrasts with its predicted environment.

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