From ideas to execution – we built it all. Our products let you add your personal touch to any part of your life. We’re passionate about giving you the ability to make your mark on the world through customization, and we believe there is no limit to self-expression. With the ever-expanding category of interior design, we strive to provide you with all of your requirements for your home or commercial/retail space. Whether its custom furniture, rugs to simple décor, we have the artisans to make your dreams a reality.


We’ve built an impressive repertoire of providing some of the finest rugs and carpets in the South and East Asian markets over the years. SFC Designs employs the most skillful rug artisans that are equipped with generational experience when it comes to weaving. Our hand-knitted rugs and carpets are all custom-made and preserve the art of weaving that has been passed down over hundreds of years through tradition. Our collection of carpets ranges from custom floral rugs to vintage rugs and everything in between.


At SFC Designs we welcome the expression of unique and beautiful ideas through surface, color, and pattern. We provide the best opportunities for creativity and originality with one of the largest tile collections. Our collections range from classic designs to contemporary styles and all of our tiles are hand produce every piece of tile on your order in our workshop. We also manufacture a broad range of classic and contemporary products including field, trim, mosaics, patterned and decorative tile.


Dining areas, lounges and entrances can all be drastically improved with the right lighting fixtures. One such are chandeliers that are commonly placed to enhance the visual décor of interiors. And with an ever-increasing range of lighting sources available today, chandeliers stand out as the perfect way to also add light and drama. SFC Designs is a producer of some of the finest chandeliers in the western hemisphere and our skilled technicians design and craft custom-made chandeliers for houses and commercial spaces.