Our purpose

SFC Designs is a key player in the architectural and design industry and aims to revolutionize работа в москве traditional methods already prevalent today. We understand the need to design unique projects that are in-line with the diverse set of clients we encounter regularly. The “one size fits all” methodology is one that we like to do away with, especially when it means helping you with your preliminary business requirements.

We at SFC Designs have also highlighted some of the difficulties present with new business start-ups and homeowners that are looking for an independent working environment or a comfortable living space. In today’s climate, seeking professional architectural advice is a luxury. And we’d like to make this to be made available to every one of our clients.

Our Process

We aim to provide providential and economical strategies that minimize the start-up investment, how to find jobs near me usually associated with competitor architectural firms, and help mitigate unnecessary resource allocation.

SFC Designs achieves this through:

  • International Outsourcing Vendors
    We have curated an extensive range of vendors outside of the United States with a vast amount of experience and previous projects to their name. With this, we can customize the exact specifications for your design requirements all the while following US regional and state building codes.
  • Reduction in Overhead Expenses
    With the majority of the design work being outsourced, SFC Designs looks to cut down preliminary investments considerably. With an estimated 50-70% of overhead cost reduction associated with architectural designs, this frees up a lot of room for smart investments for our clients.
  • Real-Time 3D Modelling
    Once the initial wireframing of a project is done with, our team of expert architects uses state-of-the-art 3D and CAD software tools to bring your project to life on a smaller but much more interactive level. This helps us and you understand the fine details that go into making a design that truly suits your requirements without having to scrap large portions of the process to accommodate changes and updates.

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Syeda Farwa Chishty

Founder & CEO



Hydr MI

Architect & Product Designer

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