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Why Us?

SFC Designs has a core team of dedicated professionals with a clear goal of providing the best architectural and design services in the United States. The firm, with the help of its resources, is slowly growing to become one of the newest contenders in the architectural landscape. Our cross-platform work and state-of-the-art techniques set us apart from the majority of firms existing today.

computer science homeworkWe at SFC Design believe in the power of a global network. This is the foundational framework of our company, where we strive to assess your needs and build a team that is devoted to bringing your ideas to life. With our back-office services, you can closely monitor the progress of your projects and make revisions with your team throughout the process.

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Architectural Services

SFC Designs has recently been introduced to the industry and has built its brand on providing the best-in-class architectural services to residential and commercial projects. Aiming to innovate, we provide designs that are distinct and unique.

Our flexibility and versatility and willingness to adapt set us up for healthy competition in the architectural world.  By keeping traditional designs and blending it with the sophistication of new-age minimalism, SFC Designs brings timeless designs with every project.

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Interiors and Design

Home interior and décor plays just as important of a role as its exterior – after all, it is where you spend most of your time in a building. Adding the right objects and decorations can bring about, complement and enhance various architectural cues that would otherwise be missed.

grademiners reviews We provide some of the finest interior décor and design services available today with curated works of art from independent established artisans from around the world. Our range includes exactly what you need to start cultivating the interior design of your space.

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Architectural Outsourcing

Trying to find the right architect in your home-town can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a homeowner or want your work campus designed, it’s often an arduous process to get exactly what you want on paper.

We understand your requirements and apply professional and international help from a vast array of architects and designers to meet your requirements to the full. This is where cost-saving meets flexibility and implacability without sacrificing quality.

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